80g Fresh salmon tartar, warm toast 110,00 Kč
100g Mozzarella with tomato slices, warm toast, traditional Italian  85,00 Kč
  cheese, tomatoes, olive oil, balsamico Vinegar, spices  
80g Smoked pork tongue marinated in spicy oil, served with 75,00 Kč
  boiled egg and pickled onions  
100g Cod livers served with onion and lemon, rolls 75,00 Kč
0,30l Chicken broth with homemade noodles and chicken meat 35,00 Kč
0,30l Lhotecká' garlic soup with ham, poached egg, fried bread,  40,00 Kč
  sprinkled with cheese  
0,30l Silesian' roasted onion soup with fried bread, yolk, cheese 40,00 Kč
0,30l Valašská' cabbage soup with pork meat, mushrooms and 40,00 Kč
  sour cream  
150g Ham´n Eggs (ham, egg, salt, pepper) 85,00 Kč
15g Bake´n Eggs (english bacon, salt, pepper, mustard) 85,00 Kč
180g Egg omelette with duck liver and spicy sauce 95,00 Kč
50g Piquant fried bread served with chicken meat, sprinkled with 65,00 Kč
50g Fried bread with chicken liver served with small portion of 65,00 Kč
  vegetable mix  
80g Fried bread with 'Tvarůžky'cheese sprinkled with onion 40,00 Kč
  and pepper  
80g Fried bread with butter and 'Tvarůžky'cheese, onion 40,00 Kč
100g Smoked meat with horse-radish, mustard served with bread 80,00 Kč
  and pickles  
60g Pickled 'Hermelín'cheese served with onion and fresh 45,00 Kč
300g Forester´s potatoes (potatoes, smoked meat, mushrooms,  95,00 Kč
  onion, garlic, spices)  
300g Grilled chicken wings in sesame seeds crust with blue cheese 110,00 Kč
200g Spread for sweet-tooths, english bacon, smoked spare rib 115,00 Kč
  sausage, obadza - Bavarian cheesy speciality  
100g Obadza with onion, Bavarian cheesy speciality 55,00 Kč
100g Beefsteak 160,00 Kč
1pc. Fried bread with garlic 9,00 Kč
300g Potato pancake stuffed with chicken meat, vegetable, 140,00 Kč
  sprinkled with cheese, (100g chicken pieces)  
300g Potato pancake stuffed with chicken livers, sprinkled with 140,00 Kč
300g Potato pancake stuffed with 'škračky', sprinkled with 140,00 Kč
  (100g chicken liver, egg)  
300g 'Hermelín'cheese baked in potato pancake, vegetable mix,  140,00 Kč
  (120g 'Hermelín'cheese)  
300g Potato pancake stuffed with chicken breasts and 'Niva' cheese,  140,00 Kč
  vegetable mix, (80g/20g/chicken breast/niva cheee)  
300g Silesian schnitzel, vegetable mix, (100g pork meat in potato 140,00 Kč
300g Ondráš' schnitzel, vegetable mix, (100g chicken steak in 140,00 Kč
  potato pancake)  
300g Havířský' pancake, (pancake stuffed with two pork steaks  155,00 Kč
  /150g/, roasted english bacon, garlic juice)  
300g Potato pancake with sauerkraut and smoked pork meat 85,00 Kč
300g Potato pancake served with fresh vegetable, Balkan cheese, 110,00 Kč
  olives and dressing  
200g Trout in blue sauce with butter and fresh peas 135,00 Kč
200g Grilled trout with saraway seeds, lemon, vegetable mix 135,00 Kč
200g Trout grilled in almond crust with butter and lemon 135,00 Kč
200g Trout grilled  on mustard butter with crushed pepper and cut 135,00 Kč
200g Trout grilled in english bacon (stuffed with spinach leaves 135,00 Kč
  and garlic)  
  (czk 5,- for every 10g when more than 200g)  
150g Fried fish fillet with lemon, vegetable mix 115,00 Kč
150g Spa' fish fillet, vegetable mix, (grilled on butter, sprinkled with 115,00 Kč
150g Fried crab sticks in batter, lemon, vegetable mix 99,00 Kč
150g Grilled salmon fillet with brocolli baked with cheese 165,00 Kč
150g Salmon on oranges, vegetable mix, (salmon steak grilled on 165,00 Kč
  butter and oranges)  
150g Gold flatfish grilled on butter with amonds and vegetable mix 155,00 Kč
150g Gold flatfish fried in sesame crust with lemon 155,00 Kč
250g Fish grillmix, (cod, flatfish, salmon, crab sticks, cuttle fish rings) 195,00 Kč
150g Martinovský' steak, (pan-fried pork steak baked with ham 145,00 Kč
  and cheese)  
150g Forester´s delicacy, (pork steak with onion, mushrooms,  145,00 Kč
  pickles, sprinkled with cheese)  
150g King´s stuffed pork filett, (pork filett stuffed with ham,  165,00 Kč
  'hermelín'cheese, mushrooms)  
180g Pork roll stuffed with ham, Balcan cheese with spicy sauce  165,00 Kč
  made from tomato cream and mustard)  
150g Pork fillet with garlic baked with 'hermelín'cheese 145,00 Kč
300g Farmer´s steak, (marinated pork neck steak, prepared on grill,  190,00 Kč
  vegetable skewer, herb butter served on wooden spread)  
150g Pork filets with 'Niva' cheese and spinach  165,00 Kč
150g Bonaparte steak, (pork sirlion steak, pickled green brazilian  165,00 Kč
  pepper, cream sauce refined with cognac)  
150g Pork filetts 'Fajnšmekr', (brocolli, three types of cheese,  165,00 Kč
  tomatoes, mushrooms)  
150g Pork fillets 'Zorba', (greek spices, fresh grilled vegetable) 165,00 Kč
200g Pork sirlion skewer with duck liver, mushrooms, onion, 165,00 Kč
  pepper, served with spicy sauce)  
150g Fořt' mix, (spicy pork pieces with chilli peppers, sausage,  145,00 Kč
  mushrooms, onion, garlic, tomato pureé)  
150g Blacksmith´s schnitzel, (boned cutled in crust stuffed with mix 145,00 Kč
  from fresh onions marinated in beer, mustard, spices)  
250g Shepherd´s schnitzel, (1/4kg of fried pork cutlet marinated  165,00 Kč
  in garlic)  
150g Fried chicken breasts with peach 135,00 Kč
150g Fried chicken fillet baked with mozzarella and tomatoes 140,00 Kč
150g Chicken steak 'Popey the Sailor' (chicken fillet with spinach 140,00 Kč
  and mozzarella)  
150g Zbojnický' kebab (chicken pieces, english bacon, onion,  140,00 Kč
150g Chicken doughnut (chicken breast stuffed with ham and 'Niva'  150,00 Kč
  cheeese and mushrooms)  
150g Forester´s stuffed chicken fillet (stuffed chicken fillet, smoked  150,00 Kč
  meat, cheese, pepper, leak, carrot, mushrooms)  
150g Green chicken (chicken pieces, peas, beans, leek, green  140,00 Kč
  pepper, spices)  
150g Spicy chicken pieces with corn and pineapple in spicy sauce 140,00 Kč
  placed on lettuce with chilli peppers and sour cream  
150g Chicken pieces with 'Niva' cheese and leek in cream 150,00 Kč
  sauce with almonds  
150g Chicken pieces with curry, bamboo sprouts, fresh 150,00 Kč
  vegetable, wine 'cchao-sing' and spice 'wei-su'  
150g Chicken breasts in cheese batter 135,00 Kč
150g Fried chicken schnitzel 130,00 Kč
150g Marinated chicken breasts in mushroom batter 135,00 Kč
150g Gordon Blue ( fried chicken breasts with ham and cheese) 140,00 Kč
150g Turkey steak grilled with pepper, French vegetable with soya 150,00 Kč
  sprouts and herb butter  
150g Turkey breasts stuffed with 'Niva' cheese and english 150,00 Kč
  bacon, fried in golden sesame mix  
150g Quick-grilled goulash (turkey breasts with onion, homemade  150,00 Kč
  sausage and mushrooms)  
150g Fried duck liver on marjoram oil with fresh mushrooms,  135,00 Kč
  carraway seeds, onion and english bacon  
150g Fried duck liver pickled in red oil and pepper 135,00 Kč
200g Pfefer Steak (tenderlion steak, pickled green pepper, gravy  310,00 Kč
  refined with brandy and cream)  
200g Steak with Vienna onion (tenderlion steak, fried onion, english  310,00 Kč
200g Hunter´s beefsteak (english bacon, mushrooms, red wine, 310,00 Kč
200g Beefsteak with english vegetable (brocolli, spring vegetable,  310,00 Kč
  english bacon)  
200g Beefsteak with cheese sauce 310,00 Kč
200g Mayor´s beefsteak (fresh bean strings, english bacon) 310,00 Kč
200g Beefsteak with mushroom creamy ragont and english bacon 310,00 Kč
200g Tenderlion steak 'Chamberi' with boiled brocolli and baby 310,00 Kč
  carrot on butter (rolled tenderlion steak with english bacon  
  served on pin)  
200g Venison steak with mushrooms ragont (fresh fried 225,00 Kč
  mushrooms, cream, english bacon and mushroom spices)  
200g Venison steak with cranberry sauce and herb butter 225,00 Kč
  on red wine  
150g Fried venison fillets with garlic (venison fillets marinated in 200g
  garlic and fried in crust)  
200g Boar fillets with rosehip sauce (rosehip jam, wine, cream,  205,00 Kč
  lemon, wild spices 'Hubert')  
150g Boar medallions in potato pancake (medallions marinated in  215,00 Kč
  garlic)  with english bacon  
200g Boar steak with juniper fruit, stewed spinach leaves with 205,00 Kč
  sour cream  
200g Silesian delicacy' (rolled pork fillets stuffed with onion and 195,00 Kč
  mustard, covered with english bacon, 'lašské' cabbage with  
  sour cream, potato pancakes)  
200g Medvědí tlapky', vegetable mix, (two pork fillets, english bacon,  195,00 Kč
  ham, cheese, chilli peppers)  
250g Grillmix, vegetable mix, (three steaks from tenderlion, pork and  195,00 Kč
  chicken meat, english bacon, duck liver, herb butter)  
200g Turkey breasts roasted wih American steak herbs stuffed with 185,00 Kč
  spinach leaves, garlic sauce  
200g Game mix 'Šumava' (deer, boar, duck liver, english bacon,  195,00 Kč
  mushrooms, red wine)  
  Specialities for two eaters served on silver hot tray  
500g Tray 'Restaurant Lhotka' (three types of steaks - twice,  550,00 Kč
  tenderlion, sirlion, chicken breasts, herb butter, two vegetable   
  skewer, fresh vegetable mix, three types of side dishes, grilled  
  tomato with cheese)  
  Specialities for 4-6 eaters ( binding one day advance   
  Old Bohemia style roast duck (roasted with apples and old  750,00 Kč
  Czech spices, red and white cabagge, bread dumplings, potato  
  dumplings, bacon dumplings)  
  Village-fair goose (goose roasted in goose grease, marinated in 500,00 Kč
  garlic and ginger) red and white cabagge, bread, potato and  
  bacon dumplings  
  For more people we can prepare on grill these…  
  Grilled piglet (the price CZK 350,- per 1kg including sid  
  Marinated pork leg (the price CZK 360,- per 1kg including side  
  One week advance reservation  
150g Fried cauliflower 90,00 Kč
120g Fried 'Eidam'cheese 90,00 Kč
150g Fried 'Hermelín'cheese with ham 105,00 Kč
150g Fried 'Tvarůžky' cheese 95,00 Kč
120g Fried 'Niva'cheese in batter 95,00 Kč
120g Cheese variation, vegetable mix ('Hermelín'cheese,  95,00 Kč
  'Eidam'cheese, 'Tvarůžky'cheese, 'Niva' cheese, butter)  
300g Vegetable risoto, sprinkled with cheese 95,00 Kč
300g Vegetarian plate ( warm brocolli, spinach leaves, corn, carrot, 95,00 Kč
  fresh vegetable)  
300g Brocolli au gratin with 'Niva' cheese, cream and almonds 105,00 Kč
300g Large summer salad 70,00 Kč
300/100g Fresh vegetable salad (crab sticks, olives) 95,00 Kč
300/100g Fresh vegetable salad with cuttle fish ringlets 105,00 Kč
300/100g Fresh vegetable salad with chicken pieces and herbs 115,00 Kč
300/70g Vegetable salad with tuna, boiled egg, French dressing 105,00 Kč
300/100g Vegetable salad with slice of flatfish 120,00 Kč
300/50g Vegetable salad with ham, cheese and boiled egg 105,00 Kč
300/150g Salad 'Fitness' (three thin slicesf beef tenderlion, herbs, lettuce) 195,00 Kč
250g Bulgarian vegetable salad (pepper, cucumber, tomato, spices,  70,00 Kč
  Balkan cheese)  
250g Greek vegetable salad (three types of cheese, olives, dressing) 80,00 Kč
150g Tomato salad 40,00 Kč
150g Cucumber salad 40,00 Kč
150g Cucumber salad with cream 45,00 Kč
150g Carrot salad 40,00 Kč
150g Lettuce salad with dill 40,00 Kč
150g Lettuce salad with carrot 40,00 Kč
150g French fries 30,00 Kč
150g Potato croquettes 30,00 Kč
200g Boiled potatoes with butter 25,00 Kč
200g Mashed potatoes with onion and english bacon 30,00 Kč
150g American potatoes 35,00 Kč
150g American potatoes with english bacon and onion 40,00 Kč
150g Homemade potato pancake 35,00 Kč
150g Bread dumplings 25,00 Kč
150g Boiled rice  25,00 Kč
150g Curry rice 25,00 Kč
150g Ham rice 25,00 Kč
150g Peas rice 25,00 Kč
50g Tartar sauce 12,00 Kč
50g Spice sauce 14,00 Kč
150g Large vegetable mix 25,00 Kč
50g Ketchup 10,00 Kč
50g Mustard 10,00 Kč
1pc Rolls 5,00 Kč
  Crepes with fruit, whipped cream, toffee sauce 60,00 Kč
  Crepes with ice cream and fruit, whipped cream,  65,00 Kč
  chocolate sauce  
  Parisian crepes (apricots, chocolate sauce, Parisian whipped 65,00 Kč
  cream, nuts)  
  Crepes with banana, egg liqueur and chocolate sauce 65,00 Kč
  Honey cake with whipped cream, toffee sauc 45,00 Kč
  Chocolate cake with whipped cream, chocolate sauce 50,00 Kč
  Plum dumplings with butter, sugar, sprinkled with purpernickel 50,00 Kč
  Homemade apple strudel (raisins, rum, whipped cream,  55,00 Kč
  chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, served hot)  
  Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries and whipped cream 60,00 Kč
  Banana 'split' (banana, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream,  55,00 Kč
  chocolate sauce)  
  Sundae 'Mouřenín' (chocolate ice cream, Parisian whipped  55,00 Kč
  cream, chocolate sauce, cocoa, biscuit)  
  Sundae 'Křemílek' (strawberry ice cream, strawberry sauce,  55,00 Kč
  whipped cream, cocoa, biscuit)  
  Sundae 'Lhotka' (mixed ice cream, fruit, toffee and chocolate  55,00 Kč
  sauce, biscuit)  
  Sundae 'Jahůdka' (strawberry and vanilla ice cream,  55,00 Kč
  strawberries, whipped cream, strawberry sauce)  
  Sundae 'Sluníčko' (strawberry and vanilla ice cream, peaches,  55,00 Kč
  whipped cream, strawberry sauce)   
  Sundae 'Ananas' (mixed ice cream, pineapple, whipped cream,  55,00 Kč
  egg sauce, biscuit)  
  Mixed ice cream 36,00 Kč
  Mixed ice cream with whipped cream, biscuit 40,00 Kč
80g 'Kitty Mikeš' delicacy  70,00 Kč
  slice of ham fried in cheesy batter, mashed potatoes with butter  
80g Chicken fillet 'Rákosníček'  70,00 Kč
  chicken fillet fried on butter, French fries, peach compote  
80g Chicken pieces for 'Cinderella'  70,00 Kč
  fried chicken pieces, boiled potatoes  
80g Risoto with peas for 'Budulínek' 70,00 Kč
  chicken risoto with peas, peach compote