Entering in air-conditioned Tavern Lhotka, sitting down on its wood benches, and ordering "double-beer" directly from the tap, you can feel like somewhere else. Thanks to accuracy and quality of services on the start, and house interior on the end, there is the true Bavaria here. And believe us, you can find no other house like this in Ostrava!
   Our staff is dressed in Bavarian style; Pilsner Urquell 12°, Radegast 12° and Gambrinus 10° on the tap. Our cuisine - it is home-made meal with delicious taste and aroma. There are specialties prepared from potato dough that are so very popular between our guests here. A garden for barbecue parties is opened during Summer time. Ducks; gooses; roasted piglets – all is here to one's heart's content. (You should order these bigger meals one day before). Except the restaurant there is a little, style saloon for family celebrations and other ones here. A broad selection of wine from Znovín and from Alfons Mucha Collection - it is an imaginary crown on the top of all the best things of our offer for gourmets. We can offer you a taxi cab for very good price too. You are heartily invited in - and one recommendation on the end - don't forget book your places before.

The part of the building is Guest-House Lhotka; home site here...
Daily menu (70,-Kcz)
Family and company celebrations, parties or business presentations (a little saloon; own restaurant; garden party)
Ducks; gooses; piglets; roasted pork knees - by your offer after an agreement before

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